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  • creek habitat restoration

    a habitat restoration company

    Go Native is dedicated to preserving and protecting the wild and open places of California

full spectrum

We provide a full spectrum of wildland management services, with extensive experience in site assessment, natural landscape construction, erosion control, weed management, site-specific plant propagation and long-term maintenance. Our equipment operators and crew bring a unique environmental sensitivity to fish passage and other critical habitat projects. We specialize in the construction of ponds, earthen dams, recreational trails and roads and are constantly researching new habitat restoration techniques to increase efficiency and minimize any detrimental impact.

open space preservation and habitat restoration

We started Go Native as a native plant nursery in 1996. Even though native plants were our first love, we evolved into a more diversified enterprise to match the needs of our clients and our collective interests. Go Native is one of the few companies in central California that can offer the expertise and knowledge to implement open space preservation and habitat restoration plans, and to do so in a timely and cost-effective manner. We have worked with private, non-profit and government organizations and are always ready to meet new challenges and evolve with each new opportunity.