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At Go Native, we are in the enviable position of making a living while preserving and restoring some of the most beautiful wildlands on Earth. Whether we’re working with private landowners or conservation professionals, we seek the best strategies for enhancing California’s open spaces.

Our projects often require sensitivity to neighboring inhabitants, both human and wildlife. We try our utmost to be sensitive to their needs, working willingly with volunteer and advocacy groups, governmental regulatory agencies and biological monitors wherever warranted.

When we are awarded a contract we take a personal interest in its success. We love what we do, and it shows in how we interact with clients, agencies, landowners and visitors, and in the successful completion of the project. By insuring that our projects are successful, we have established long-standing working relationships with many of our clients and have earned the respect of their funding agencies.

Our staff and associates enjoy the challenge of finding the optimal strategy for each job, whether tried-and-true or innovative.


“Go Native is the Swiss Army knife of contractors on the coastside!”
Paul Keele, State Parks, Half Moon Bay

Go Native Clients