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Past Projects


San Francisco, California

Golden Gate National Park Conservancy Habitat Restoration

Go Native has a 3-year on-call contract with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy. We are currently helping to restore three GGNRA properties.

Lands End habitat restoration for GGNPC - before

Lands End BEFORE habitat restoration

Lands End

An area of natural and historic importance, this site just underwent extensive restoration and physical enhancement. Go Native worked with other contractors and Conservancy personnel to remove invasive plants and install erosion control. We have worked with conservancy volunteers to restore native plants to the areas once overgrown with exotics.  Invasive removal between Cliff House and the Sutro Baths required the oversight of a park archeologist to insure that no artifacts were destroyed as they were uncovered. This work was done in conjunction with the Earth Stewards, a community service program for at-risk youth.

Lands End habitat restoration for GGNPC in progress

Lands End habitat restoration in progress

Lands End habitat restoration for GGNPC in progress

Lands End habitat restoration in progress

Marin Headlands

Go Native has worked with other contractors to identify, map and eradicate jubata grass, thoroughwort and other invasives at several sites. By effective early action, many inland acres will be saved from infestation.

Mori Point

Home to one of the few remaining populations of the exquisite San Francisco garter snake and its threatened food source, the red-legged frog, Mori Point has been the focus of concerted habitat improvement. Jubata grass has invaded much of the prime habitat; its removal is both necessary and extremely sensitive, since the snake (and other wildlife) may burrow into the grass. Go Native has worked closely with biological monitors to protect the snakes, frogs and migratory birds at Mori Point while eradicating the jubata.

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