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What We Do

Streams and Trails

streams and trails habitat restoration

Mechanized Habitat Restoration

As Go Native has undertaken larger habitat restoration projects, we have come to increasingly rely on heavy equipment. In the hands of our skilled and sensitive operators, the same machines that often destroy wildlands can be used to preserve them. Go Native uses equipment to build better habitats and repair some of the damage caused by previous development. We take pride in our ability to make a positive impact whether it is recontouring a stream to allow steelhead migration, repairing dams to maintain frog and snake habitat, or removing invasive plants.

streams and trails habitat restoration

Erosion Control

Much of our habitat restoration work requires re-shaping the land to control erosion, alter access, or create habitat features. We have experience repairing erosion gullies and slides, re-contouring creekbeds, and installing weirs and bridges.

Go Native has become increasingly mechanized to better manage larger restoration projects. We have built new trails and roads, decommissioned undesirable trails and roads, and created better drainage for existing trails. We have repaired and removed earthen dams.

For examples of mechanized habitat restoration projects, see Frenchman’s Creek and POST project pages. Contact us to find out how we can help you.