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What We Do

Wholesale Native Plant Nursery

dedicated employee at Go Native wholesale native plant nursery in Montara, California

California Natives Nursery

Our nursery facilities can handle growing contracts for over 100,000 mature plants and our expertise guarantees proper acclimation and site specificity. We have experience growing a large number of California natives, specializing in coastal, wetland and chaparral plants of the central coast, which are available for the wholesale trade. All plant propagation is documented to track watershed and county of origin. For site-specific projects, we gather seed and other propagules in season.

Go Native staff planting native grasses on coastal bluffs near Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay

Wholesale Plant Propagation

We recently moved our greenhouse operation to a larger site, and will be increasing propagation for the wholesale trade.

In addition to contract and wholesale growing, we have supplied many volunteer and non-profit organizations with discounted plants.

For examples of projects featuring native plants, see the San Pedro Creek/Pacifica State Beach and POST-Council Circle project pages. Contact us to find out how we can help you.