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What We Do

Wildland Weed Management

Experienced Staff

We have extensive experience in control of pampas and jubata grasses, ivies, thistles, brooms, grasses and other invasives. We operate with sensitivity to the habitat and its fauna using all appropriate methods, from hand pulling to herbicides, to removal with excavators. Go Native is licensed as a Pest Control Business, and has two Qualified Applicators on staff.

Extensive Planning & Care

Many of our projects require removal of invasives from areas harboring rare, endangered or threatened plant and animal populations. Great care is taken to minimize impact on favored species, from carefully mapping plant populations, to working closely with biological monitors, to use of seasoned crews who clearly identify their intended targets before treatment. When treatment areas are frequented by the public, we are careful to allay their fears and educate them to the beneficial nature of the work. In some cases, hand removal in well-traveled areas is combined with more cost-effective herbicide spraying in more remote areas. Invasive weeds are so pervasive in California that budgets for eradication are often limited; we strive to make the maximum impact that funds allow. This typically entails targeting pioneer populations before they become established, treating infested areas at the most efficacious season, and timely follow-up to handle re-sprouts and new seedlings. We strive to use the lowest concentrations of the least detrimental herbicides that are effective against a given species.

For examples of weed management projects, see our POST and GGNPC project pages. Contact us to find out how we can help you.